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Laparoscopic Versus Open Resection for Appendix Carcinoid




by Bucher Pascal, Gervaz Pascal, Ris Frédéric, Oulhaci W, Inan I, Morel P.






Since an increasing number of appendectomies are performed via laparoscopy, it is crucial to determine the impact of this approach on appendix carcinoid (AC) outcome. The goal of this study was to compare results of laparoscopic (LAP) versus open (OP) appendectomy for AC according to intend to treat approach.



A retrospective review (1991-2003) identified 39 patients (median age, 36 years; range, 12-83) treated by laparoscopy (LAP) or laparotomy (OP) for AC in a single institution. Follow-up was complete for all patients (median, 67 months; range, 4-132).



Most cases had associated acute appendicitis (64%). Median carcinoid size was 1.1 cm (range, 0.3-5) and 0.4 cm (range, 0.2-3) in the LAP and OP groups, respectively. LAP and OP were performed in 21 (54%) and 18 (46%) patients, respectively. Surgical margins were positive in two patients in the LAP group and one patient in the OP group (p = 0.6). Right colectomies were performed for AC >2 cm in five patients after LAP and in four patients after OP (p = 0.9). Actuarial 5-year survival rates were 100 and 94% in the LAP and OP groups, respectively (p = 0.2). Two patients died in the OP group, one due to metastatic carcinoid and the other due to metachronous colorectal cancer. Synchronous or metachronous colorectal carcinomas developed in six patients (15%).



Laparoscopic appendectomy is a safe procedure for AC, with carcinologic and long-term results similar to those of conventional appendectomy. Thus, pre- or per-operative suspicion of AC is not a contraindication to LAP. Prognosis of AC appears more dependent on carcinoid malignant potential or associated tumors. Risk for developing colorectal adenocarcinoma is high in AC patients and warrants follow-up of all patients with colonoscopic screening.

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in Surgical Endoscopy 2006 Jun; 20(6): 967-70. Epub 2006 May 12