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Surgical Treatment of Duodenal Stenosis in Crohn's Disease




by Gonzalez M, Collaud S, Gervaz P, Frossard JL, Morel P.




Crohn's disease may involve any part of the alimentary tract, including the stomach and duodenum.

We report herein the case of a 22 year-old male in whom Crohn disease was diagnosed due to weight loss in relation with a stenosis of the first and second parts of the duodenum. A gastrojejunostomy was performed with a good subsequent result. The initial management of a Crohn's disease with involvement of the duodenum is medical.

When there is an indication for surgery, a gastroenterostomy is preferred, albeit with a high incidence of outlet obstruction and marginal ulceration.



in Annales de chirurgie 2006 Dec; 131(10): 636-8. Epub 2006 Jun 27