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Long-term Results of Radical Resection for Locally Advanced Duodenal Adenocarcinoma




by Pascal Bucher MD, Pascal Gervaz MD, Philippe Morel MD





Duodenal adenocarcinomas are uncommon tumors characterized by non-specific symptoms and late diagnosis. The objective of this study was to assess long-term results of locally advanced duodenal adenocarcinoma treated by surgical resection.



A retrospective study, over a 10-year period, identified 9 patients (mean age 65 years) treated for duodenal carcinoma.



Out of nine patients who were treated for duodenal adenocarcinoma, 8 underwent R0 resection (5 pancreaticoduodenectomies, 1 total pancreatico­duodenectomy and 2 segmental duodenal resections). All of them had tumor of stage II or III according to TNM classification. Median follow-up was 104 months (range 25 to 185). Five patients had lymph node metastases (stage III) at the time of surgery. Two- and five-year survival rates were 100% and 75%, respectively for the whole group. No correlation between lymph node status and survival was found.



Radical surgical resection for locally advanced duodenal adenocarcinomas provides good long-term results in terms of patient survival, even for N1 tumors (stage III).

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in Hepatogastroenterology 2005; 52: 1727-9